Project: Home Automation

As part of my never ending quest to better my home, the nerd in me naturally gravitated to the topic of home automation.  By nerd, I mean the lazy part of me that a) hates that I have n-number of apps on my phone to sift through to find the one app that can control all the aspects of my home remotely and b) considers being in bed as being remote.  Having asked a close friend who recently “smartified” his home, I got into a lively conversation with him and he challenged me saying that I hadn’t even read the links on Z-Wave that he had sent me and so all of my questions and concerns were mere speculation.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the charge, I will nevertheless take the challenge.

I’ll be investigating home automation communication protocols.  After that, it’s figuring out the use cases, and then the platform and then finally the devices.

If this is of interest to anyone else, I’ll be adding posts as I share my learnings and they will be linked here.