Dad bod must die

My baby girl is now 1 year old.  Man how time flies.  And during that time man how I’ve let myself go.  Pushing 170 and not having the muscle mass to justify it and my loving wife remarking that “Hey I used to not be able to wrap my hands around your arms but now I totally can!” has forced me to reckon with the inevitable truth that I have become a fatter and weaker shadow of myself.

Today marks the beginning of the journey.

My stats are not impressive but they are as my friend calls it: a starting point

  1. Completely gassed in a game of 21 but still scores enough to be competitive but not win the game.
  2. 4 sets of 10 reps at 110 on the abs machine
  3. 4 sets both sides of 10 reps of 25 lbs of weighted oblique incline lifts.
  4. 6 sets of 135 lbs on the incline bench. Sigh I used to be able to do 210
  5. 4 sets of 4 reps of unweighted dips.  I used to be able to easily do 4 sets of 10

I will take this as a start.  Tomorrow is another day to fight!