About me

Hi I’m Eric and I am a second generation Korean American living in Silicon Valley with my amazing wife and my daughter, just trying to make a dolla out of 15 cents working as a software engineer at a major tech company in the area (no surprise).

Having paid for and received the structured training, it would be a waste if I didn’t continue to exercise and expand certain pursuits.  Thus in my spare time, I play a lot of violin with my wife who is a pianist also with whom I have hilariously comical arguments about rhythm, tempo, and phrasing.  If violin is my first musical child, viola is my close second.  The arguments with my wife that ensue are not surprisingly any different.  I also spend time keeping up with the latest in the area of my theological studies: theology and science, post-modern philosophy, and biblical exegetical scholarship.

I also worked for 8 years as a pastor to junior high and high school kids, trying to bridge the gap between my world and theirs and learned that for me, leadership from above might be highly effective in the short run but leadership from within produces longer lasting transformation and is far more my style.

Being a pretty Americanized second generation Korean American, I have had to rebuild a Korean education from scratch.  So I enjoy watching Korean children’s programs with my daughter.  I end up flexing my Hebrew and Greek muscles when doing Biblical exegesis and while I don’t actively keep up with the languages, French and German are floating around there somewhere (If anything they’re everywhere in classical music).

In my even more spare time, I enjoy being an armchair level bass guitarist, electric guitarist (American strat, Blue Jr. Amethyst, thank you very much), fashionista (ask me about cargo shorts, come on, I dare you), athlete (ball, all the time, all the time, ball), and psychologist.