Hello world!

So this is my new blog.  I’ve been off the grid for like 10 years.  My old site which was hosted on geocities (yeah, remember that?) has been gone now for some time and is probably not a good modern representation.

Anyways, why did I start this?  After all, I’m relatively happy, stable and content.  Who wants to read crap like that when you have facebook to have everyone’s happiness thrust in your face?

I suppose the ultimate question is why does anyone write blogs?  Basically, I have a bunch of stuff I want to write about and if there are people out there who find my writings useful or helpful or entertaining, then that’s great but ultimately a blog is for me.  It is a cathartic process that exercises that all so important skill: communication to an invisible and unknown and generic audience.

So, here is my “hello world!”

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    1. =) I can. I can just post links back to my site. The intentions are also different between what I put in FB and here.
      But don’t you already know everything about me????

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